The Shadracks - Tranquil Salvation

Tranquil Salvation

The Shadracks

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7" Vinyl Single 3 tracks £5.99 Available 21 June 2019

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The Shadracks - Tranquil Salvation

It’s a brand new 7” EP from
The Shadracks!
Limited black vinyl edition of 200 copies!

As a man of not so noble birth walked briskly down Victoria Street, Rochester he heard the distant rumbling of a beat bass lick, the crash and bang of tin cans, and a whirring of fuzz overtones. ‘Aye,’ he mused ‘must be the hustle and bustle of thy youthful Shadracks!’ And indeed he was right.
And here you have it: three blistering tracks of Babylonian Beat Music: 'Tranquil Salvation', 'Count to Ten' and a live favorite - Dead Moons' 'Walking on my Grave'. All played with expert precision on a hip EP for fans of sophisticated rock ‘n’ roll and other rubbish.

Councillor Duxbury
Stradhoughton, Yorkshire, 1963


7" Vinyl Single (DAMGOOD516V)
  1. The Shadracks - Tranquil Salvation
  2. The Shadracks - Count to Ten
  3. The Shadracks - Walking on My Grave