The Milkshakes - Talkin 'Bout

Talkin 'Bout

The Milkshakes

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The Milkshakes - Talkin 'Bout

One of the Medway's finest bands from the eighties. Very much influenced by the rhythm and beat from the 50's and 60's,as well as the comedians from the 40's onwards.

Formed in 1980 from the ashes of the Pop Rivits and featured Mickey Hampshire (git/vox) Wild Billy Childish (git/vox) Bruce Brand (Drums) and Mark Gilbert (Bass).


  1. Milkshakes - She'll Be Mine
  2. Milkshakes - Pretty Baby
  3. Milkshakes - For She
  4. Milkshakes - I Want'Cha For My Little Girl
  5. Milkshakes - Ruhrgebeat
  6. Milkshakes - After Midnight
  7. Milkshakes - Bull's Nose
  8. Milkshakes - Shed Country
  9. Milkshakes - Don't Love Another
  10. Milkshakes - Tell Me Where's That Girl
  11. Milkshakes - Can'tcha See
  12. Milkshakes - Love You The Whole Night Through
  13. Milkshakes - Nothing You Can Say Or Do
  14. Milkshakes - I Say You Lie