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Ludicrous Lollipops

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Ludicrous Lollipops - Talk

From Coventry the Lollies had released their first e.p.the 'Mush E.P.' (gedddit?) on their own label, they came to my attention through their manager Chris Myhill who used to run the 'Pop Club' at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town. Following a couple of sold out shows we decided to do a single, the 'Scrumdiddlyumptous' e.p. followed, on 12". Good support from Radio 1 and a lot of hard work from the band ensured it did well, reaching number 112 in the national charts, not high by todays standards but if it sold that many today it would be in the top 75. A second single followed soon after, again on 12" (the best format at the time) called 'A Part' still seems like a rubbish title but again a great single, again made the chart, number 120 and all looked well for the Lollies. Their last release was a stroke of marketing genius (that's sarcasm if you didn't notice) a 6" single, it cost a fortune, sounded shit and didn't sell very well either. At the same time one of the original members left and the band fell A Part.


7" Vinyl Single (6" Vinyl Single) (DAMGOOD10)
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