Lovesick - Sunflower



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Lovesick - Sunflower

Lovesick started off their life as just 'Love', I was never too sure if they had heard of Arthur Lee's band but it didn't seem to matter, they released a great single on the 'Firece' label out of Swansea, which is also where they were from, called 'Welsh Girl'. John Peel loved the single and played it loads. They also released a 12" single on their own 'With A Sparkle Recordings' label called 'Young & Bright' b/w 'Catch Her Up'. Around the same time I received a demo which was stunning, full of energy and most importantly really well crafted pop songs. A trip down to Swansea in 1992 to see them play and a single was on the way. 'Sunflower' (damgood 16) came out in 1993 to a few good reviews but not the reaction I had hoped for. The band was in the process of splitting up by that point and did actually come up to London for what I think was their last gig at the Wild Western Rooms at the St John's Tavern in Archway as part of a typically disastrous Damaged Goods night. We have an albums worth of unreleased demos which may one day see the light of day... who knows. Dave from the band went on to work with Helen Love who actually recorded one of Lovesick's songs 'Ahead Of The Race' (damgood 80), which was also recorded by another Swansea band The Pooh Sticks (See Huegenius).


7" Vinyl Single (DAMGOOD16)
  1. Sunflower
  2. Goodbye Drag City