Piney Gir - Stay Sweet

Stay Sweet

Piney Gir

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Piney Gir - Stay Sweet

The year is 1967, The Beatles' Strawberry Fields is your class song; you have your first high school yearbook in your small, hot hands. It's tough being a freshman, bottom of the totem pole, but you made it and you have your book to show for it. Stiff Technicolor smiles are frozen in time. The fact you were a mathlete for a semester is preserved with photographic evidence, you can't erase it now it's in the yearbook. And here comes the tricky part… asking that guy in your home-room to sign it. Blank back pages stare up at him while you wonder what is he going to write? He takes pen to paper, you watch as the ink spells out "Stay Sweet, have a cool summer." I wonder if he said that to all the girls?

Stay Sweet is Piney Gir's newest offering, an ethereal, Mellotron-infused soundscape with wall-of-sound guitars and filtered feedback worthy of the Velvet Underground. Piney revisits a memory, of love gone wrong with pangs of regret; an attempt to salvage youth's innocent mistakes. Here is a nod to life's sepia-tone pages of the past in this honest ballad that simply says "I'm sorry" and "always stay sweet."


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  1. Stay Sweet
  2. Ease on the Road
  3. Oh Lies (Demo)