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Piney Gir

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Piney Gir - Peakahokahoo

Peakahokahoo is 13 beautiful songs of indie/alt country/electro-pop mayhem from the London (via Kansas) based Piney Gir. Her sound is often fractured and mysterious, but always touched by a sly sense of fun. Whether poppy and upbeat or dark and brooding, there is a cross-genre cohesiveness to her sound that is overwhelming, and an indie-pop ethic that will leave you singing along to every track!

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“Exuberant, bursts with joy, divine and
sometimes mournful” Q

“The type of open-hearted pop that has
you clutching your knees with glee”

“A honky-tonkin' celebration of the holy
pleasures of the flesh” THE WORD

“Piney is a born entertainer, all dainty
dress swirls and extravagant accordian
flourishes” THE FLY

“The indie Dolly Parton”


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  1. Piney Gir - Boston
  2. Piney Gir - Que Cera Cera
  3. Piney Gir - Girl
  4. Piney Gir - Creature
  5. Piney Gir - My Generation
  6. Piney Gir - La La La
  7. Piney Gir - Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye
  8. Piney Gir - K-I-S-S-I-N-G
  9. Piney Gir - Sweet
  10. Piney Gir feat. Simple Kid - Nightsong (feat. Simple Kid)
  11. Piney Gir - Ruth is Coming to America
  12. Piney Gir - Jezabel
  13. Piney Gir - Janet Schmanet