The Rellies - Monkey


The Rellies

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The Rellies - Monkey

Monkey is the second single by The Rellies since releasing 'Isabella is Annoying/ Brainwaves' in 2020. Ryan, guitarist and dual singer and songwriter for the band describes the making of ‘Monkey’ during lockdown with his brother Riley.
“During covid we got very bored. Originally, we wanted to get our Monkeys and run them over with our dad’s car, but we settled for filming them falling down the stairs and writing a song about it. When the other members of band finally heard the song, they liked the Monkey and then we made a clip with our friends and some TV monkeys. Everyone sang ‘I like the Monkey’ and soon everyone liked the Monkey!”
Helicopter is Ryan’s sonic representation of “hunks of steel flying through the sky. I’m an aviation nerd.”
He doesn’t disappoint. Helicopter’s opening riff is catchy and travels. Ryan’s vocal powers through the song and the background vocals from kid brother Riley kicks it up a notch as he improvises his way through the chorus begging for a ride.
The Rellies ages range from 13-16 and developed at Kings Cross Conservatorium. The brothers began writing and recording at age 9 and 11 respectively and doing shows as The Rellies in 2018 with Jarlath Kiernan on drums. In 2021, the band replaced guitarist Aiden Burke with Lachlan Knight when Aiden decided rehearsal was too loud.
Ryan: “We love the Beatles but lately we’ve got more of a punk energy in our songs. Also, Riley likes a lot of different stuff like Tyler the Creator… his lyrics are inspiring us to be creative with humour.”
All songs music and lyrics by Riley and Ryan Francis.
Drums Jarlath Kiernan
Guitar & Vocals Ryan Francis
Bass & Vocals Riley Francis
Produced by Stephanie Bourke.
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Owen Penglis



7" Vinyl Single (DAMGOOD598V)
  1. Monkey
  2. Helicopter