Mikabomb - Hey Man

Hey Man


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Mikabomb - Hey Man

MIKA BOMB 7" - four impossibly pretty girls from Japan and China and a Norwegian male drummer. NME described them as 'an on form Elastica covering Shampoo who screech songs about knickers, jump up and down and generally make a glorious noise'. What's more, Kerrang! said 'their self styled Ramones-on-helium attitude mixed with their addictive punk pop begs for repeated plays like a high octane Nintendo game'.


"Mikabomb's appeal is unintentional, but that's exactly why it's so appealing! Bonkers lyrics, Mental Oriental!!"

KKKK- Kerrang.


7" Vinyl Single (DAMGOOD194)
  1. Hey Man!
  2. Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls
  3. Heart Attack