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Shelleys Children

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Shelleys Children - Everything

Shelley's Children were one of those bands that were far too pop for their own good, especially as they were entrenched in the political, even 'crusty' scene of the late 80's.

I loved them, they had some of the best harmonies I'd ever heard and were basically just a great pop band, more Bay City Rollers than Dog On A Rope!

They only ever released one 12" single and a mini-album on their own 'Peasants Revolt' label and a few tracks on compilations, they were in the studio recording their debut LP proper (for Released Emotions Records) when they called it a day in 1991.

They resurfaced later that year with a few different members as Cuckooland.

The 'Everything' CD is just that, everything they did including some very lo-fi demos.. but I think you’ll agree it's a great album and about time too!


  1. Shelleys Children - EveryTown
  2. Shelleys Children - Jack
  3. Shelleys Children - Waiting For The Weekend
  4. Shelleys Children - Doesn’t Matter
  5. Shelleys Children - Fair Enough
  6. Shelleys Children - Elvis Says
  7. Shelleys Children - Circle Line
  8. Shelleys Children - Ginny Come Lately
  9. Shelleys Children - Wedding Bells
  10. Shelleys Children - Born Too Late
  11. Shelleys Children - Rawfolds
  12. Shelleys Children - Summerlove Sensation
  13. Shelleys Children - Be My Baby
  14. Shelleys Children - Nobody Knows
  15. Shelleys Children - The Digger’s Song (The World Turned Upside Down)
  16. Shelleys Children - I’m A Believer
  17. Shelleys Children - Johnny I Hardly Knew You
  18. Shelleys Children - Lotions, Potions And Pills
  19. Shelleys Children - Who Makes The World Turn
  20. Shelleys Children - Face In The Crowd
  21. Shelleys Children - On My Wheels
  22. Shelleys Children - Island Of Dreams
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  1. Shelley's Children - Doesn't Matter
  2. Shelley's Children - Fair Enough
  3. Shelley's Children - Elvis Says
  4. Shelley's Children - Circle Line
  5. Shelley's Children - Ginny Come Lately
  6. Shelley's Children - Wedding Bells
  7. Shelley's Children - Born Too Late
  8. Shelley's Children - Rawfolds
  9. Shelley's Children - Summerlove Sensation
  10. Shelley's Children - Every Town
  11. Shelley's Children - Jack
  12. Shelley's Children - Waiting For The Weekend
  13. Shelley's Children - Be My Baby
  14. Shelley's Children - I'm a Believer
  15. Shelley's Children - Nobody Knows
  16. Shelley's Children - On My Wheels
  17. Shelley's Children - Who Makes The World Turn
  18. Shelley's Children - Face in the Crowd
  19. Shelley's Children - Island of Dreams
  20. Shelley's Children - Johnny I Hardly Knew You
  21. Shelley's Children - The World Turned Upside Down