Honeyrider - Endless Summer

Endless Summer


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Honeyrider - Endless Summer

oneyrider are originally from San Diego in the USA but are now based in sunny Florida. they sound like a cross between the Beach Boys and the Jesus and Mary Chain. They have done two albums for us 'All Systems Go' in 1998 and 'Splashdown' in 2000. Despite living 4500 miles away they decided to come over to the UK to work with producer Paul Sampson, who masterminded all the Primitives stuff way back in the late 80's. They have just finished their third album which is coming out on Dionysus records in the states.


"Imagine - if at all possible - a primetime, radio-chummy Jesus & Mary Chain waking up in a rather fine mood on a swanky summer's day. Imagine them actually enjoying the sunshine and really savouring the first toothy cruch into their corny old cornflakes, prior togoing into the studio to bash out a happy tune. Imagine a world where wars were fought with "Bah-bah-bah"s instead of AK47s and armoured cars. This is the kitsch-tastic, surf-mungous soundtrack to suck a morning, in such a world."

NME 5/10/96


7" Vinyl Single (DAMGOOD105)
  1. Honeyrider - Endless Summer
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