Graham Day & The Forefathers - Emmaretta - BLACK VINYL

Emmaretta - BLACK VINYL

Graham Day & The Forefathers

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Graham Day & The Forefathers - Emmaretta - BLACK VINYL

**Cover of classic Deep Purple 7”**

We asked a few of the bands we've worked with over the years to come up with a cover version of one of their favourite 7" singles. The interesting thing is that they also had to do the original b-side as well. That made it a lot trickier and a few fell by the wayside but we've ended up with a great set of seven singles.

This single is part of the 30th Anniversary singles club and will also be available separately as a standalone release.
This is a black vinyl 7”

It’s a cover of the Deep Purple classic ‘Emmaretta’ and comes backed with the original b-side ‘Love Help Me’ and a homage version of the original British 7” sleeve.

A limited edition clear vinyl version is available to club members. (250 copies / mail order only).
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