Cyanide Pills - Break It Up

Break It Up

Cyanide Pills

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Cyanide Pills - Break It Up

“SO who cares about Cyanide Pills?

Who cares about lead singer, Phil? A recovering alcoholic and substance abuser (we use the word ‘recovering’ in a very loose way). He seems to annoy everyone he meets. People think he’s a complete c*nt. He says he’s misunderstood, but he’s not, they’re spot-on. He’s had no musical training and I really think that shows.

Who cares about the drummer, Chris? He works in a shop all day long, bored out of his mind, selling fags and porno magazines to van drivers and alcopops to under-aged kids with ASBO’s. He plays drums like Keith Moon’s retarded brother.

Who cares about rhythm guitarist, Sy? He works as a mechanic (ever see the video to The Vapors Waiting for the Weekend? well it’s like that day in day out). He’s the one with the greasy face. He can’t play guitar solos as he crushed his hand at work putting my car through its M.O.T. (It failed).

Who cares about bass player, Coz, who’s always heavily medicated due to violent outbursts? Who seems to have channeled her rage into learning how to play the bass and looking after the band finances (which literally runs into tens of pounds!). She plays bass like a machine, i.e. with no feeling what so ever.

Who cares about lead guitarist, Alex, who’s Norwegian and communicates to the others with a series of shrugs and grunts? For some reason people think he’s attractive (which pisses the others off). I had the impression he lives in a cave. He plays guitar like a drunken virtuoso.

To sum it up they are a bunch of dysfunctional misfits, outsiders, people with ‘baggage’ and untrustworthy losers. But they make a great sound, so forget this biog crap and go listen to them. It’s the only thing they can do well.”

We think it’s the best demo we’ve heard in years, think of The Boys, Buzzcocks, The Briefs and you won’t be far out.


7" Vinyl Single (DAMGOOD 329V)
  1. Cyanide Pills - Break It Up
  2. Cyanide Pills - Mail Order Bride
  3. Cyanide Pills - Stick Em Up
Download Single (DAMGOOD 329)
  1. Cyanide Pills - Break It Up
  2. Cyanide Pills - Mail Order Bride
  3. Cyanide Pills - Stick Em Up