Yumi - Better Without You

Better Without You


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Yumi - Better Without You

Third digital single by Yumi!

Yumi has been working on her music most of her life. She has attended Kings Cross Conservatorium from age nine and when asked “What instrument do you want to learn?” she chose all of them. She formed her first band Electric Prime Minister aged ten in which she played drums, going on to play many shows across Sydney throughout her years at high school. Now 19, Yumi lives in Bondi and studies music and fashion. She splits her time between rehearsing with modeling for fashion label Marta Idea and designing the visual art content for her music.

YUMI formed her first band at 10yrs old at Kings Cross Conservatorium where she learnt how to play drums, piano, bass, guitar & vocals. She learnt on vintage gear, such as Kim Gordon’s bass and guitars donated by Courtney Love. She was around people who loved music, everyone played in bands and in this environment Yumi was able to hone her unique sound.


“ I wrote my first song ‘Sunshine’ and played my first solo show at El Rocco with Peter Watson. I got on a flow with songwriting with my next band Sincerely Sonny. India Young (from Sincerely Sonny) and I wrote together in bands since we were 11 it was a great partnership and preparation for working with with other musicians such as Luke O’Laughlin (I know Leopard) ”

Yumi co-founded her first band Electric Prime Minister at age 10 and played her first show at the legendary Annandale Hotel. She went on to play in several more bands and garnered some industry interest when in Sincerely Sonny. The interest however caused to band to disagree and split.


“I considered interest and offers from a few reps from EMI & Wonderlick and sat through multiple meetings. I swear everyone seemed to imagine me in a bedroom with a laptop or suggest I pretend to do that… I know how to jam”

Speaking on her influences:

“I love feminine icons such as Dusty Springfield or Nico and admire indie guitar sounds from the 60’s and 80’s. I also draw inspiration from 60’s girl groups, such as The Ronettes or The Cookies.”

Yumi dropped out of an architecture degree, despite being a scholarship recipient to focus on graphics/ design and visual content for her music.

She has appeared in various music videos and brands for her friends, such as Cowboy Malfoy, Bliss and The Rellies. Yumi began modelling from a young age for brands such as Toni and Guy Australia, The Marta Idea, Cleavland On Oxford, The Sposa Group.

YUMI’s a veteran of the Sydney scene having played core venues such as Oxford Arts factory, Paddo RSL, Mary’s Underground, & Lansdowne.

Sound: Think Nico ( Velvet Underground ) meets Lana Del Rey. It’s fuzzy, dreamy and ultra feminine and Yumi’s breathy alto is the perfect match


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  1. Better Without You
  2. Desdemona
  3. Coffee