J Church - A Million Broken Stereos

A Million Broken Stereos

J Church

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10" Vinyl EP (10" Single) 5 tracks £8.99


J Church - A Million Broken Stereos

Church are an influential and distinctive post-hardcore band from San Francisco, the NME once described them as 'Spine scrapingly brilliant' and that 'They smile too much for their own credibility' Their singer and founder Lance writes occasionally for Maximum Rock N Roll and was also the guitarist for Beck on his 1998 world tour. The best thing I like about J Church is that they write such fantastic pop songs and have a real down to earth approach to everything. And they love ELO.


10" Vinyl EP (10" Single) (DAMGOOD37)
  1. Tide Of Fate
  2. Panama
  3. No Doves Fly Here
  4. Birthday
  5. Travelers